The Church of Divine Mercy opened 17th September 2000 and you can see the slideshow of pictures from the time of the construction by clicking on the image including an artist’s impression of the new Church, provided by our Architect, Anthony Gallagher.

Architects Elevation

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Main Church
The Main worship area for mass has a capacity of 380 people and is rectangular in shape. On either side of this are two side rooms; one is a family room for parents and young children and the other is the day chapel. The family room allows parents to bring young children who may have difficulty sitting quietly for the duration of the mass while allowing them to see and hear the ceremony.

There is a parish room with an adjoining small kitchen which is often used to host tea and biscuits for parishioners after special masses and is located to the right as you enter from the main church doors. It is also sometimes used by community groups for various meetings during the week. There is also a bathroom available for use.